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How to wear cloth face masks - front view

Before Putting on Your Mask

Our masks are designed to be tied behind the head and not around the ears. We do not recommend fastening the ties behind the ears, as the mask will be loose and will not provide a good seal against your face.

Also, make sure that you open the pleats (folds) in the mask before tying the bottom ties around the back of your neck. Otherwise, you will leave much of your face exposed, and it will be hard to breathe through the fabric.

How to Ensure the Best Fit

Fasten the top ties securely at the back near the top of your head. Next, pull the bottom of the mask down over your chin to unfold the pleats. Firmly fasten the bottom ties around the back of your neck. Make sure that both pairs of ties are snug to prevent air from escaping around the sides of the mask.

Once the ties have been fastened to your liking, you can leave them as they are without untying. The mask can still be easily removed by gently pulling back on the ties. You can then wash and wear it again without having to retie!

How to wear cloth face masks - rear view
Two-panel comic showing what happens to eyeglasses when inhaling and exhaling

Eyeglasses Wearers, Take Note

If you wear glasses, you will want to be especially careful about fastening your ties tightly. If not, this could happen to you!

Care Instructions

All cloth face masks must be thoroughly washed after each use. This is to protect both yourself and others.

We recommend washing our face masks with your regular laundry using your usual detergent in either warm or cold water. Do not use bleach, as this will ruin the print on the fabric.

After washing, hang the face masks to dry. We advise against using a clothes dryer, as it may cause the fabric to shrink.

We suggest that each person in your household has at least three cloth face masks. This will ensure that there is at least one clean mask available and ready to wear.

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